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Overdose Deaths Per Day in the US
Overdose Deaths in 2014
Million persons older than 12 needed treatment for drug abuse in 2009
Percent of addicted persons receive treatment

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“The first word I think of when I hear Acceptance Life Counseling is welcoming. The moment I walked in the door I was greeted with open arms from the owner all the way down to the secretary. The biggest thing Acceptance had to offer me, was that it’s a small, tight knit, individualized treatment center.
I’ve been to more treatment centers than I could count, but this place is different. You aren’t just a number here and get lost in the large crowds. At Acceptance there was plenty of one on one interaction with every level of employee. Everyone here knew me by first name and got to know me on a more personable level than other places I’ve been. They began to learn my behaviors and if something was wrong help me identify how to begin fixing it. This last time I came in I was a lost cause with no care of staying sober, but they saw something in me I couldn’t see in myself and today I picked up 6 months clean. If you want a treatment center that you aren’t just a number and actually cares about all of your needs then this is the place to go.”

Bill R.

“I was treated with respect and I feel personally, compared to other places I have been, this facility is maintained really well. I received the right advice. PHP was a very comfortable process. It wasn’t boring and I was given good stimulation. The transition to IOP was very comfortable and I was able to get assistance with life skills. The people at Acceptance Life helped me get a job and I got the right guidance on how to budget and I felt I was treated like an individual. I’m grateful for this organization. The smaller size facility was a big help, I was never forgotten and I was able to pull my therapist aside on my bad days. I was helped by people who really cared about me and I was never rushed. I cant say enough for how grateful I am for Acceptance Life and how they kept me accountable. I am over 10 months sober now and my life is so much better.”

Phillip D

I came to Acceptance Life Counseling a lost and defeated person. The disease of addiction was destroying my life. Today I am not the same person that first walked in the doors of Acceptance Life Counseling. Because of the compassion, care, and dedication of the staff at the company, I have been given the wonderful opportunity to turn my life around. I am forever grateful. they have helped me to establish a strong foundation for my sobriety. I have nothing but praise for this facility.

Hanna A.

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